Trees, Woodlands and Forests. A guide for developers and planners Northwest Regional Forestry Framework
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About the planning guide

Trees Woodlands and Forests covers four key areas:

Benefits of trees, woodlands and forests – information on some of the key social, economic and environmental benefits of trees within new developments for developers, end users, local communities and the region.

Policy context – an outline of the national, regional and local planning policy.

Development and trees, woodlands and forests – an explanation of the process for incorporating trees into developments and an overview of the factors that planners should consider in the determination of planning applications.

Implementation and delivery – an overview of the mechanisms available to local planning authorities for securing the retention and provision of trees within new developments, the delivery and management options available to developers, the consequences of contravention of planning controls, the tree protection measures during development.

The guide also provides key contact details, and a range of inspiring case studies – examples of new developments within the Northwest that have successfully integrated trees.