Trees, Woodlands and Forests. A guide for developers and planners Northwest Regional Forestry Framework
Park Field

Guide for planners and developers

The North West is rich with mature trees, green streets and public open spaces. The contribution this makes to quality of life, economic prosperity and ecological diversity is huge.

Trees, Woodlands and Forests: A Guide for Developers and Planners is a new reference tool. Integrating trees and woodland areas into new developments is a statutory requirement, but you can go that one step further, putting trees at the heart of a development and reaping the benefits this can bring.

And trees have many benefits. They add character, improve biodiversity, clean pollutants from the air, increase house prices and generally help to create places where people want to live, invest and visit.

Trees, Woodlands and Forests can help planners and developers to start thinking about how existing trees can be retained, how new trees and woodland areas can add value to new developments and the simple steps that can be taken to do this.